Friday, May 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Since the spring of 2007 we’ve been planning a move to a warmer climate and drier times. It’s taken us a while, but Matt and I are ready to say “wagons ho!” We have sold our beautiful farm in Maple Valley, WA and are primed to set sail on a new adventure in Southern Idaho.

I share this with mixed feelings as I am immensely grateful for the time we have had in the Pacific Northwest. Now everywhere I go, I look and feel things like it may be my last time, at least for a long while. Last time to eat a yummy potato burrito from Casa Que Pasa in Bellingham. Last time to view the beautiful Padilla Bay in Bow, WA. Last time for an inspirational National Geographic lecture in the spectacular Benaroyal Hall in downtown Seattle...

It tears at my heartstrings to pull away from all this and the beautiful landscape. I shall forever miss my beautiful elk herd that lived in my backyard, the coyotes that played in our pastures and howled in chorus at night, the bald eagles that soared overhead, the black bear we’d occasionally startle in our woods… and “our” woods. How will I ever be able to say goodbye to my beautiful, beautiful woods? Matt and I loved the Indian Plum, the first flowers of spring, the Red Flowering Current we’d wait for in February heralding the return of the hummingbirds and the first crystal white Trillium flower. Matt and I loved to ride through the woods while having a contest to see who could spot the most Trillium.

I have learned much, had incredibly rewarding work experiences, and best of all, I have met all of you: the best friends and work associates I could have ever hoped for. I am humbled and grateful for all this, t the powerful, poignant memories and relationships which I hope will bolster me up as we head down the road to our next big adventure.

My promise to each of you is that I intend to include you in our future plans. I will continue my Horses for Clean Water work -- with some added new twists such as hosting 2-3 day workshops that include Idaho trail riding, retreats and get-a-ways. Along with HCW themes, these might feature guest speakers or clinicians, be cowgirl retreats geared towards women, or be about reining or other aspects horsemanship and riding. Matt and I also plan a small-scale guest ranch/horse motel and boarding operation so that our friends will stop by.

So stay tuned and keep in touch as I share our journey and plans for developing our desert ranch.

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