Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update: Reining

Off to reining show #3 today. This show, Washington Reining Horse Association’s “The Classic” is in Monroe, Washington. Matt and I are only showing one horse this year, partly due to a slowing of the economy and less work, but also due to the fact that both of my horses are on the injured list. I had planned to retire RB this year due to arthritis in a front knee. RB, a big strong horse, is one of the most physical reiners I’ve ridden. He was a blast (almost literally!) to ride and slide. You could tell he loved his job as he would give his all when he ran. Earlier this spring while on a trail ride he managed to pull a muscle somewhere in his hip. So, he’s on lay-up right now and is sick of it, ready to at least to get back to the trails.

Bob, my other seasoned reiner who accompanied me to Las Vegas, Arizona and elsewhere winning buckles, money and awards as he went, was diagnosed with chronic laminitis earlier this year. With that diagnosis, I became another of the heart-sick horse owners to travel down the laminitis road. While Bob’s laminitis wasn’t caused by metabolic issues (it was more than likely due to poor conformation combined with hard surfaces,) metabolic issues all come into play for him now. Where things like pasture, treats, and feed types weren’t issues before, they certainly are now. As we puzzle together a management plan and struggle to bring him back to good health, I have been forced to learn more and become even more aware of nutrition and metabolic issues in horse health. Hence the article this month's The Green Horse on safer grazing incase you have a horse with metabolic issues or just want to watch your horse’s waistline.

In the meantime we were lucky enough to have another talented horse, Matt’s young reiner, Felix. Matt was gracious enough to pass on showing this year and give me the opportunity to show his athletic young horse. I feel privileged to do so as this horse has tons of ability and can easily slide 20 feet, the hallmark of a reiner. Besides that, he is sweet and quiet. A winning combination in my book!

So, if any of you are nearby feel free to stop by the Evergreen State Fairgrounds to say hi to little Felix and I. And wish us luck!

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